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OPPORTUNITY: We're Looking for New Wholesale Vendors to Stock Our Gift Boxes

We purchase wholesale goods for our gift boxes. We prioritize purchasing from Black, Indigenous, Latino/a, LGBTQ+ and women creatives, makers, designers and owners. If you are (or know someone) selling...

Hey there, 

I hope you all are reading this in great spirits! You may know from our other post on social media that we purchase wholesale goods to keep our gift boxes down. When choosing vendors we prioritize Black, Indigenous, LGBTQ+ and women creatives, makers and owners. If you are (or you know someone who is) selling a product or service that you think matches our brand -- submit a vendor form! We'll check out their stuff and, if we agree, we'll reach out and make a purchase!

We will also check out the work of artists, influencers, and brand and marketing professionals. So, please feel free to submit their info, too.

Woke + Well launched in 2019 as a platform for Black and Indigenous makers to share their goods with a wider community. We are still committed. In 2023 and beyond, we are shifting to focus on curating gift boxes exclusively. This shift allows us to: (1) focus our resources, (2) improve our offerings and (3) boldly demonstrate our commitment to social causes. We will now:

🎁 Curate gift boxes that bundle products to help makers reach more people 
🎨 Showcase more artists on our gift boxes  
💰 Dedicate gift boxes to fundraisers for social causes 
🧑🏽‍ Partner with experts to make boxes that are practical and helpful to the issues we champion

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Stay Woke + Well,


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