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Newsletter: Allow us to reintroduce ourselves....

Our Mission and Values: with a name like Woke + Well, we gotta be super clear about our brand’s values. Here's how we execute on our ethics…

Hey Erica,

We didn’t launch our company in 2019 to be another cog in the wheel of consumerism. We launched because we wanted to provide a platform for Black and Indigenous makers to share their gifts with a wider community.  Plus, we believe it’s important to support creators in making a living doing what they love.

If you're an OG supporter, you may remember (and, newcomers can check our social media):

We launched Woke + Well as an online bookstore and lifestyle brand that featured a small collection of Black Business Boxes. Our base loved the vibe of our curated boxes and began sending them as gift! We quickly realized we could fill a void. 

In response, we've shifted our focus to curating gift boxes exclusively. This shift also makes it easier for us to focus our resources and be clear about our offerings and commitment to social causes. Now, we can:

🎁 Curate gift boxes that bundle products to help BIPOC, LBGTQ+ and women makers reach more people 
🎨 Make calls for artwork that we print on “themed” boxes to showcase and platform more artists 
💰 Dedicate “themed” boxes to fundraiser for social causes (i.e: our "Hey Mama" gift box will support reproductive justice efforts) 
🧑🏽‍ Partner with experts to inform how we can curate boxes in ways that are practical and helpful to the issues we champion


The spirit of gifting feels supremely aligned with the mission and values of our brand. Whether we gift to celebrate someone special, show our appreciation, nurture a connection, or share a sentimental token; giving and receiving a gift can be a truly uplifting experience. So, we're committed to:

🌟 Building a platform for our community to share goods + nurture connections
🌟 Operating our brand with strong social ethics
🌟 Creating gift boxes and online content that helps, informs and educates 
🌟 Giving back to social causes


Follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and stay tuned for what's next!

Stay Woke + Well,





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